Last Week of May

The rainy season hasn’t started yet, the rains have been visiting Nu Po relentlessly. Heavy showers resulting in streams that resemble the wild rivers of the Himalayas, in miniature form. For some people the rains came too early as their roofs had not been fixed yet, at ESC we have little problems with the large roof and the office. As workers are busy else where we have to live with cups and saucers in places where dripping occurs.

After out avocado planting there were 4 totally dry days and this was not good for the plants. No sooner that we started watering, the rains returned and now we hope the trees have not suffered too much.

The second half of May saw the opening of a special Thai class. Student Wanpen was elevated to teacher and as she cannot speak Burmese, the class was open to those students who spoke well enough English to follow Wanpen. Ten students started the course with Ko Ga, Ko Khai.

In order to prepare the compound for the rains, yesterday a group of volunteers came and helped clean the compound, fix the path to the school, build a raised bed so Teacher Marco can grow his own food and after a coffee and snack watched the movie “Dirt” about soil and how important that is.

With dirt under their nails they went home.


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