Thai and Art Classes

Music is a great way to use in teaching so in order to introduce a video on poverty and the idea about Basic Income Guarantee, this teacher decided to use his singing and guitar playing skills. He doesn’t have any. And the guitar has only got four strings.

The video can be seen online and is called “Poverty isn’t a lack of character, it’s a lack of cash”. During and after the video the students and teacher discussed many things around poverty and ways to solve it. While the video and the vocabulary added challenges to the lessons, that class was very attentive and contributed widely to the lessons.

This Saturday students were invited to come to ESC to paint the school. Not the wall, but to create water colours of the compound. While everyday this week had heavy rains, it was hoped that like other days the rains would wait for the afternoon, and they did.

About 10 students showed up and together with teachers and staff, and two students from the high school, there were around 15 artists who all looked at the school from different vantage points.

Of course snacks were provided, this time the samosa’s and ee kya kway from San Lin, a former ESC students who provides these snacks every day in several tea shops.

The result of the day’s efforts can be seen below, and their English skills are as good as their creative ones.

This week also saw the return of the prodigal son, and from Monday onwards Teacher Marco will front the class again. He joined the Thai class on Friday and was a patient painter on Saturday.

After the art class we seeded the raised bed for teacher Marco, so pretty soon he is totally self sufficient.

In the meantime we hear that Saya Ma Wah Wah Htoo Say is doing well in Yangon and her children have joined school over there.


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