A New Session Start

At ESC we do not follow a year long curriculum, we do not have a school where after 2 or 4 years you get a certificate that you have followed a course. Instead we teach several classes, from beginners to advanced with the aim that each student makes progress in speaking English, writing and most of all gain confidence. In order to do so we have 3 months periods and after such a period we have new entrance tests, and new students. Students who feel they can go from Starter B to Intermediate, can do so and many students have gone from starter A to Upper Intermediate or even Advanced.

While you can see who is inside a house by looking at the shoes in front, during the rainy season you have to look at the umbrellas.

In January 2017 we kind of had a re-start and at the end of July, Early August the third session of this year started. This also meant some changes in the working group. Oo San Win, who was our office manager for 6 months and who helped set up student registration and together with Htun Hla made some improvements to the compound, decided to spend more time at home. Therefore teacher Moe Moe offered to combine the two positions of office manager and teacher.

Aung Kyaw is one of the students in the Upper Intermediate class and he also teaches at the PAB high school. Since the third session he takes on one of the starter classes and helps in the office as well. Also new is teacher Cherry. After finishing KEDC she studied at EIP and worked for AMI at the Mental Health department. Now she has taken on the Intermediate class, and is also teaching at CCBC.

Peacock has decided to continue to teach at ESC and we have a new Thai teacher, Khin Kru Dina. She is teaching two classes, one with adults and one full of young children.



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