Marco’s Images

Teacher Marco has been with ESC since January 2017 and he will leave us at the end of August. His students are desperately trying to find ways to keep him. Unfortunately Marco is on loan and his wife Briana wants him back.

Hopefully Marco will send us some writing about his experiences at ESC, a school he visited in 2009 when his wife Briana was teaching and he started a Spanish class.

This is the view of the school more or less from the room of Marco.

This week Marco send some pictures to show to potential new teachers so they got an idea what it means to teach in No Po at ESC. Here you can see those pictures:

Marco has been teaching two different classes, helped out the other teachers and was involved with the running of the school, sharing his experience and ideas. He did this mostly by letting the local teachers realise their own ideas, which has strengthened the program for the future.

Here are some of his students:

Marco has not spend much time alone, as he shared his room with a family of Geckos.

Marco’s room mate, the mother of two.

Here are some impressions of Nu Po:

The road from Mae Sot to Nu Po is about 6 hours by line car, or Sonteaw. Here is one that Marco took on one of his visa runs.

All photo’s on this page have been made by Marco Belmar.